About Us

Hello customers!

We are a custom apparel print shop! We print on demand, no minimums to order and offer subscription services for online stores. We handle customer service, inventory, along with printing your products and shipping them directly to your customers. Please refer back to the home page and click start to begin your custom apparel experience.
We also provide many services including Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Illustration Services, We Are Jersey Magazine Slots, Models, DJ Services, Audio Engineering including Mixing, Mastering and Recording & More!

Imagine being able to handle all of your creative needs in one central location. With that in mind, Empyre9 LLC was founded in Aug, 2018 Headquartered in Springfield, NJ. With our recent move to Totowa, New Jersey, we have created the dream location. Our mission is to bring all forms of art together into one place, giving the individual an instant access key to their success. Providing less time looking and more time creating!