Embroidery Write Ups & Disclaimers

$25.00 for each digitized file.

  • 1.High profile template
  • 2.Low profile template
  • 3.Side logo template
  • (4) Flat Embroidery
  • (5) 3D Puff embroidery
A technique where embroidery is raised. Used mostly for big shapes.

  • (7) Satin stitch outline
Used to outline an object or to cap a 3D Puff design. It’s a long, straight embroidery stitch that looks like satin.

  • (8) Run stitch
The running stitch is the basic stitch embroidery. The stitch is worked by passing the needle in and out of the fabric going straight forward in a line.
  • (9) Tatami fill
Used to fill large areas.

Max Embroidery Area

  • 3.5x3.5 On Hats / Left Chest
  • 8x12 On T-Shirts / Hoodies

Note: 8 Colors Max