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Print on Demand - Drop Shipping - Online Stores

Direct customers to your online store, hosted by us, and we will handle orders, transactions and delivery
Interested in having your brand or business printed and shipped on demand? Don't worry, no inventory is needed. 

How It Works

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 Empyre9 will create your online store and become your fulfillment solution for monthly rates starting as low as $30/month.

Enjoy our services, in our favorite number “9” easy steps

Step 1. Choose a product!

You can customize on items such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and accessories. Pick the most suitable product for your business based on print provider location, fulfillment time and price.
Can't find your item? We may still have it, contact us at to see if we carry what you are looking for

Step 2. Customize It

Use our free designer tool to apply your designs to your chosen products. Easily upload your design, switch between mock up color options that correspond with the colors available for your product, and preview your products. The mockup generator is designed to easily customize products for your online store.
Having difficulty using our tool? No worries, you can always ask someone on our team to help you with customizing!

Step 3. Add To Cart

Add your product to the cart. Please allow the image to process fully and generate within the cart. This may take about a minute to do so!

Step 4. View Custom Product

Once in the cart, press “View Custom Product” This will allow you to view the product you’ve customized

Step 5. Save Mock Up

If you are using a Desktop Computer, you may need to Right Click and save your image. If you are using a Mobile Device or Tablet, you may simply be able to Lightly Press and Hold the image down to save to your Photos or Files. You may also be able to press your “share” icon and save image.

Step 6. Submit Mock Ups

Once you’re happy with your custom product, please email ( or upload them to your application and we will use them to populate your online store!
Note: When you submit a mock up, please list which item you are submitting. Example ( 
Next Level - Unisex Curved Bottom Hem Tee - 3602 )

Step 7. Fulfillment Breakdown Chart

We will send you a “Fulfillment Breakdown” chart which will explain your cost and profits! From this chart you will be able to gauge your pricing to the public.

Step 8. Custom URL Link

We will send you your URL to Review and Approve!

Step 9. Start Selling!

It’s just that simple! You are ready to start selling! 

Relax, let us do the hard work!

When you make a sale, and your product passes Quality Control, it is sent to production and thereafter, shipped directly to your customer. You will automatically receive a email when a customer has purchased from your online store! It will includes your customers information which can be used to send personable items directly to them. 

Focus on growing your brand while we take care of the rest.

Why waste time when you can be earning for your business today!
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